Friday, June 3, 2011

Learning Tools

It was a lovely and cool day. It was the moment when we got our first tool to work with it was called a Net book. I had a moment where it took my breath away. Miss G had to tell us to get our turny-ony fingers so we all got our turny-ony finger on the silver button 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 we shouted, we all were happy. Then we all had to wait till Miss G had to tell us the instructions. Our instructions were to enter our school, Our password and our email address. Then Miss G told us the next step. We all had a desktop, we had lot’s of thing on it. Then it came to morrning tea time so we had to put our netbooks down to go and eat then we had a little play outside then the bell rang we all went to line quickly because we all wanted to go on our netbook. We went to our desk then Miss Oldfield said class you can only play on your net book for only five mins so we played tux typing, tux math and sudoku and some more. Most of the kids were playing tux typing all you do is there is a penguin called tux you have to spell the words right before they hit your friends then our time was up so we had to shut down put our net book away to look after.
We got our net book back so we had to do our work. we had to do our writing and reading on it. We had to write about how we felt about our net book so we went to title our work we called it our learning tool so we all had to write how you felt and how you wonted to be. my begging was it was bright and shinny day we all were speechless we all were excited then we all had a great time so we took them away. And that’s why I think that the net book is a learning tool.