Monday, October 29, 2012

France Translate


 1.Je suis, neuf bonbons
I have 9 bonbons.

2.Je suis, sept baguette.
I have 7 French sticks 

3. Je suis, six croisantes
I have six croisantes

4.Je suis, dix crayon
I have 10 pencils

Friday, October 26, 2012


Isaiah One dark and stormy night me and my cousin were watching scary movies. "What one should we watch next" I yelled, The Cabin In the woods he replied. So I popped in the cupbourd and looked for it, At the same time I heard a whisper say Isaiah. So I popped up looked around and no one was there so I popped back down. Immediately I saw Cabin in the woods from this exact point of angle, So I grabbed it shoved it in the dvd player. Once the movie started I could hear my cousin starting to laugh, That was weird I thought to myself. While the movie kept on playing I heard the whisper again,Isaiah,then I leaned back to see if anyone was in the hallway, but no one was there. So I went back down and watched. Then my cousin started to laugh again haha. "Why are you laughing" I snapped, nothing he replied. So while we carried on with the movie I heard it again Isaiah, I started to get scared, "can you hear it cousin" I whispered. "It's just your imagination" he replied just watch the movie. He had a grin on his face while he was saying so I sat back down. While I was Watching I could see some one pop there heads outside the window who looked familiar. So I went outside to check, who's there who's there I repeated. Then I got out a light and flashed it at it and saw that it was my brother. What are you doing outside shouldn't you be inside with me and Anthony. Yeah I don't now how I got outside he replied with hesitation. Why are you hesatating to say that I snapped, nothing he replied. I started to ask him why were you outside WHY!!!. Isaiah Once he got anoyed of me asking about it he then started to tell me. You no the whisper's that you got scared of ,yeah it was me, Then I started to get angry and punch him why did you do that I almost went toilet in my pants. I cant beleive this I screamed why man why. But please next time please don't do it He then whispered sorry for my misdoing and I promise not to do it any more.

Monday, October 15, 2012

French Week 1

What did we do = Today I learnt how answer back to questions people ask. A site helped me with the practise. Here is the site that we went on.
What I learnt today = I learnt how to count up to ten in French for example. 1.Zero 2.un 3.trois 4.quatri 5.cina 6.six 7.sept 8.huit 9.neuf 10.dix