Friday, November 30, 2012

Camp Picture

  I chose this snapshot because my dad is having fun and he is playing volley. My Dads the best, The only name I can hear is Monty,Monty,Monty. When I go to hug my Dad I hear people call out father and son, I then get embarrassed. He helped set up an activity, It is when you are stuck in the wild and you need to build a shelter for you to survive in the wilderness.

Friday, November 16, 2012

The Summer Camp

Today was my first day at summer camp!!. I had to wake up to a very early day birds tweeting and dogs barking.  Dad told me to wash my face and brush my teeth, and have breakfast.

Once I finished Eating Dad dropped me off at the park while I was there I met the instructor. Her name was Jamie. There were nine other people in my group. I was put into group 5.

The first thing that we did was go on a nature hike. The hike was soooo long my legs felt wobelly I almost fell off the cliff which was heart beating. We walked through the entire park. It was hot and I got a lot of bug bites.

throughout the walk I saw two squirrels and a rabbit.  I was afraid that I was going to see a snake. After the hike we arrived back to the main point of the walk, I saw my dad waiting for me in the car. Once we were dismissed I ran to the car and said,I had a lot of fun today dad,