Friday, July 8, 2011

Family Roles.

My Papa’s name is Fonofili he is the boss of the house. He is a pretty good chef.
My Nana’s name is Pele she is the oldest lady here. She had a stroke and that time was sad, but she is good at gardening which is cool.
My Auntie’s name is Tasi she is the chef she can cook lots of food, she can make any food I can name and that not a short list.
My other Auntie’s name is Lulu Falefata she does lots of other people’s jobs at home when they are going somewhere or at our Nana’s appointment's. She is the cleaner of the house.
My brother’s name is Phoenix he goes to Sacred Heart College. He is the oldest out of the kids.
Then it comes to my sister, her name is Zheiyna, she is the third oldest in the family. She gets smart and often calls us a criminal. When she is sleeping she worries about us getting drive by-ed or getting stabbed in the heart. She also has a dream about her eating cookies, but she still my sister so I love her.
My other sister is Monique she is a good girl sometimes but sometimes she lies. She always lies to my Auntie and Papa, Nana and sometimes my Dad. Only sometimes I trust her because she lies. The time I trust her is that she always keeps her promises. That’s why I love my sister.


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  1. Hi Isaiah I really like this story but umm I'm pretty sure we are not aloud to put last names on the Internet. Remember "CYBER SAFETY"



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