Friday, June 14, 2013

Description: Myself - Isaiah

I have fair skin ,I have green hazelish eye colour,blueish outline of my eyes. I have light brown hair.  I am fairly short.  I have freckles on my nose.  I am not that tall but I am thin ,slim and straight, I also have thin eyebrows. Normally I confident in myself but mostly I am more shy, I am calm and sometimes angry.

I am Friendly because I help people that are lonely and when they are sad.  I am also amusing because I like making people laugh and make them feel better when they feel down.  I am an easygoing person because I never start trouble and I always ignore people if they try pick a fight with me or try to tease me.Sometimes I am a gentle person because I am always calm and never angry.

 I am careful for I look after my things properly and when I am told to look after something.  I am a bright person because I always think positively and serious about school and work.  

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