Friday, June 28, 2013

Influential,Role model Person- Darren Lockyer

Influential,Role model Person- Darren Lockyer
He is a really helpful and competitive person, he does not have a full set of hair, his skin colours is fair. He has a medium build and is quite tall, He also has dark brown as his eye colour.

He helps take care of a lot of team in Nrl (National Rugby League). He is quite the player, He plays for and captains for Brisbane Broncos, Australia league team and all star team. But he is now retired and is now a commentator.

Darren Lockyer Is a very active person he’s always wanting to play and help. He would always want to help people when they are in need. He is a very good player he has made 355 appearances on rugby league 36 for queensland and 59 for australia.

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