Friday, June 28, 2013

George Baloghy Presentation

Here is a very good presentation for a very good painter.

Influential,Role model Person- Darren Lockyer

Influential,Role model Person- Darren Lockyer
He is a really helpful and competitive person, he does not have a full set of hair, his skin colours is fair. He has a medium build and is quite tall, He also has dark brown as his eye colour.

He helps take care of a lot of team in Nrl (National Rugby League). He is quite the player, He plays for and captains for Brisbane Broncos, Australia league team and all star team. But he is now retired and is now a commentator.

Darren Lockyer Is a very active person he’s always wanting to play and help. He would always want to help people when they are in need. He is a very good player he has made 355 appearances on rugby league 36 for queensland and 59 for australia.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

God's Desire

What God Expects from me?
Is Peace, Because I have been stirring a lot of trouble
When I work and play.

What's stopping me from Good things?
Is,My friends, because they stop me from learning
and me unfocused when I work.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Improve in writing

I am Learning to improve my Writing by:
1. Identify the subject and the Predicate in the sentence

2. Identify the type of verbs in my writing.

3. Adding adverbs in to my writing.

4. Changing some verbs into more interesting vocabulary.


Bounce! Bounce! Bounce ! went the ball. Once the bell rang, ZOOM!!! went Room 7 to the tennis court. Marcel, the instructor gave us instructions.

Once he gave us the instruction we all raced to grab a racket and a ball. We were divided into boys and girls to learn some tips.

So Marcel the ‘Instructor put us into groups of four and gave us instructions. So Room 7 RACED!!! past the nets like cheetahs Roaring. Me on the other side had the best time playing tennis.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Measurement Experiment

Today Room 7 did some experiments on measurement length. This term’s topic we are having is water. All the other groups did their own problems and experiment. The Problem we are doing was, to see how much a 236 ml container filled with water could fill a red bucket. The group estimated their own answer. But the correct answer was 12 which came from tevita Fohe.

Please check my partners blogs please.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Re - God Strand

This is a picture of my work that I done about God Strand/RE.
He is our...
loyal one
and a healing one.

Friday, June 14, 2013


Splish Splash went the water, as I entered the water I could feel the goosebumps starting to appear on my legs and arms.  As I was rushing through the water, water drops would just slap my eye, while I was rubbing my eye my number got called out, 9!!! so I zoom across the pool like a fish.  

While I was shivering in the water I started to pop in and out of the water.  When we got back from the first five challenges I started to warm up.  As the season was going on we began to do freestyle.  Everyone was splashing, the water went everywhere even the teacher. By the time we were playing the time was up. We all had fun and everyone was laughing.


Vili worked at a farm he planted 20 rows with 5 carrots in it. How many carrots did he plant?20x5I halve the 20 which makes 10 then I double the 5 which equal 10=10x10=100=20x5

Description: Myself - Isaiah

I have fair skin ,I have green hazelish eye colour,blueish outline of my eyes. I have light brown hair.  I am fairly short.  I have freckles on my nose.  I am not that tall but I am thin ,slim and straight, I also have thin eyebrows. Normally I confident in myself but mostly I am more shy, I am calm and sometimes angry.

I am Friendly because I help people that are lonely and when they are sad.  I am also amusing because I like making people laugh and make them feel better when they feel down.  I am an easygoing person because I never start trouble and I always ignore people if they try pick a fight with me or try to tease me.Sometimes I am a gentle person because I am always calm and never angry.

 I am careful for I look after my things properly and when I am told to look after something.  I am a bright person because I always think positively and serious about school and work.  

Monday, June 10, 2013

Description : My Father

Description: My Father 
He  has curly black and  greyish hair. He always like to  cuts it short.  The kind of clothing that he likes to wear is formal clothes. Although there is one dark black jacket that he never gets sick of wearing. My dad is sort skinny and thin. My dad has a two Caps/Hats that he always likes to wear everywhere.

 When he hugs me I feel warm and loved his hard skin begins to be soft and I feel nothing but guarded. When we are in public he pulls out a different accent from out of nowhere and at some point I get embarrassed for a minute or two. But he still is my dad and he is a great and a loving dad in many ways.

 My Dad’s favourite sport is soccer, his favourite team is Germany and Fc Barcelona. The thing that he is good at in soccer is hacky, his highest score is 54. He is the one who has taught me how to play soccer and do hacky. My Father is also a very artistic person he likes to draw things that are hard and complicated, he also helps me with drawing and straight lines.

 People could say my dad isn't perfect but for me he is. I love my dad just the way he is, I appreciate the time he gives up to help,work and play with me. Me and my dad have a lot in common, he mostly likes olden day music and all that.. my father can be angry at times but he still is the best.