Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Activity Week - Ragitoto Island

Activity Week - Ragitoto Island
It was the Third of Activity Week and I was excited. I was told that it was gonna be long. When we arrived at Britomart it was crowded with a lot business people crowding the entrance. 

While we raced across the road to the get to the Fairy I realised that I forgot my blue Reliever, I then started to walk slow and walk calm. When we took a Seat I got scared that if I walk or run to much I would have a Asthma Attack, So I walk nice and slow.

When we hopped on the Fairy it took a few minutes to take off. At first I started to get a headache, but it took few minutes to clear. When we Arrived the ground was very rocky. St Peters colleges as well. While we were walking I could feel that I was going to slow the rest of the school down. 

As we kept going it started to get stepper and stepper and I could hardly Breathe. I got told to stay and wait for the people behind as I waited I could hear a lot different birds sounds that I've never heard. 

When They reached up to me I felt fit so we ran up and until we reached the top it was a long way up but it was a faster way down it was really fun.

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