Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Assassin Marco

THE ASSASSIN MARCO...!!!!!!!!!!!!

Centuries ago their was a group of assassins against men who could turn into a liking when there is a full moon.Likings are like wear wolves but they are stornger,faster and louder. The Likings took one of the assassins men and the assassins are going to get him back. Liking are just like to wear wolves clothing but their stronger, faster and louder. The assassins wanted to kill them all so they charged as fast as they could to the likings and the likings charged to them to at the same speed as the assassins.

While they were both running to each other they jumped to each other and the captain of the Likings bit one of the assassins head off and the assassins captain called “Marco chopped one Liking into half in the stomach”. After all the other assassins and Likings died . Their was only the two captains left , the last two captains left and one was from the lLkings and one from the Assassins. Next they ran into each other and they bumped each other and fell backwards. After they bumped into each other they ran to each other again and the assassin sliced the Likings head off. The assassin thinks it over but its just the beggining of the war against assassin Marco and the likings.

The Mysterious man

Once their was a new store it was a jewellery store it had neck less,rings. It was all rear Gold then there was a meal. He was not happy what he does for his living he hates his life and he always praise that he will get a good life later on and he will have a good life and have a good family with good children and have a good friend that won’t have to go and get him some bad things. He was told to get something again. He was worried he was going to get court and go to prison for twelve years. So he went and started to hide from the boss. So the boss went creeping under the table in the Closets and in the he could not find him he was stressed and he wanted to eat so he went to an alleyway no one knew what he was going to do it but then the lights went off until it came to the morning first the boss was hungry and there were people walking past each time they would be frightened they all went to go and call the cops the cop ran quickly telling them to move away but then they all went to get the ambulance and they quickly went to to the hospital and the boss did not get anything because he went prison and they went and carried on with there life.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Mysterious wourld

`Once a long time ago their was a little boy called Jack he was a little boy that is poor and looking for food. He would go street from street looking for food and drinks he would. He went to this
place called the tunnel he would think it would be scary so he went in but he got kicked out. So he rolled all the way to the drain and his shoe fell down. So he try ed to reach but he fell down. he fell in another place he saw lots of things rabbits talking. He was freaked out he thought he was in a dream. So he started to pinch him self. But it didn't work he was scared so he through the scary town. He saw lots of things that would never happen in his earth. So he went through lollies houses and drinking gummy bears,dancing ginger bread men and final Frogs acting like humans he thought he would be the only one that will be a human but he wasn't. no but He heard another human on land he. She thought that it was his girlfriend from his school that he just came from. So he went looking from house to house and he found nothing but then ended up with a big mansion he didn't won’t to go but he had to.

He stall remember that his girlfriend will you always look out for me even if i get taken away from. So he went up and stood for his girlfriends rights. So he started to walk and saw a enter if you dare. So he went and started to walk through the doors he heard squeaky noises while walking through the door way. The only thing he saw was pictures of him a in his childhood he was as skinny as a skeleton. So he went creeping through the shadows. He was scared that he mite of get court but he didn't. So he keep-ed on walking and heard a screaming voice he started to freak out he walked fast he was shaking with scare in his body. Then he came to the stares he thought that the were going to be quiet but they were noisy so he went quickly ran before he would even notice that he would be in his house. He went out the door and he saw everyone there he saw his friends and his teachers in a line they were all about to go in and get there self scared. but they were no way near scared they were just pretending to be scared just to make him like the only one that would be scared so they all went back to there class teachers and they all went back to there class and went back home.