Thursday, March 21, 2013


Past the last three days I had a huge experience from the Triathlon.  Once the first activities started, we raced for the tarpaulin we had to dive 4 times,the slide was so slippery I kept on falling It was soapy.  Once I got back up from my last slide I raced to the bikes.  Once I reached the bikes I was paddling through my classmate like the wind.  Once It was my time to race, I raced off like a cheetah I ran as fast as I could but it wasn't enough.   When I came back from the my race I was huffing,puffing and sweating at the same time.  During the Triathlon my favourite part was sliding on the water slide we were all soaking wet with our clothes sagging down when we were biking and running.  During The Triathlon My favourite part was the water slide I had heaps of fun.

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