Sunday, December 2, 2012

Camp 2012 Recount

Its finally happening I got packed went to wait in the car for my Dad. Are you almost ready I yelled out yeah he replied then he hopped out of the house jumped in the car and we went. Once we arrived I saw my friends dressed up already to go. I saw my best friends playing so I joined. Once everybody was ready we all went into the bus. When we took of I thought yess to myself. It was a long trip but we got there safe. When we packed our things out of the bus we all went to our rooms.

 When I saw the rooms I said I could sleep here forever. Once we finished unpacking we all got told to have lunch it was yum, after a while we all done our first activity my first activity was archery I had fun flinging the arrow to the board I felt like hawk eye.While the day went we all sat in the lounge and talked about what we done today. Once we were finished we all heard that there was bomertrail I felt scared when I heard that it was in the dark but really not scary you just have to follow the to the end.

Once we got told to go sleep I straight away went sleep but it was hard because there people walking up down the hallway making noise. Once I wake up to nice day people were awake I never knew that they get up this early I thought. Then we got told to go and have breakfast. its was gooood. When that was done we had to do some more activities their was Orientaring,group games and surviving in the wilderness. My favourite was my Dads one Surviving in the wilderness. 

My father is my bff  best ,father, forever. When kids see me and my Dad hugging I always hear father and son, I get embarrassed. My Dad was once in the Marist sout club he was the leader for his club. As the day went on and as it went darker. We had a fashion show it was awesome my groups model was Siu he was dressed as Beyonce the same as Petelo, Si'i ,Rolland was Mr Barrack Obama we all saluted to him and Sione koula was Lady Gaga when that was finished we all went around the bomb fire to say  a prayer. Once that was finished we went to sleep quietly.When the next day came It was very sunny and at the same time was Sione Dale Birthday we all sang the birthday song to him.

 When that was done we all went to the dinning hall to eat, that also was gooood. Finally we all went out side to play then we saw that their was food so we celebrated it with that for his birthday. It was a big feed everyone was going hard out. Then we saw the bus come we started to say ooohhh. While the adults packed we all sat around the bonfire saying great times we had some were brought to tears we were all going to miss this place then we hopped in the bus to leave. 

 While we were on the bus we all nearly fell asleep it was a very long was back but luckily