Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter Liturgy Reflection

Today Is Holy Thursday. We celebrated the passion of  the death and  resurrection of Jesus Christ .  St pius X school had a Easter liturgy. As the readers gathered to the altar Jesus was getting nailed to the cross he was wearing the crown of thorns
As I was reading my part I stumbled on a line, I then looked around to see if anyone noticed. When I finished my reading we went in front of the altar and bowed.Once we reached our seat, I sighed in relief.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Maths Reflections

We Are learning to Choose an efficient way to solve addition and Subtraction problems. For Example:
Place Value

2360 + 270
300 + 200 = 500
60 + 70 = 130 
500 + 130 = 630
plus 2000 = 2630


26+ 66
26 + 4 = 30
66 + 4 = 70
100 - 8 = 92

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Athletics Day

It was a bright and sunny day and St Pius X school had their Soul Friends mass and Athletics day.  While the mass was going on I was altar serving.  A soul friend is a friend which where you can talk to them about feelings and is you're playing friend

Huff and puff went the children , The Parents were Frustrated you could hear the parents calling out. Once I made the first two jumps a lot of pressure was put on me. Me and my friend Pauliasi made it in the finals, but Pauliasi beat me.  As soon as I got my award my parents were clapping.

Once Lunch was over the senior part of the school went for running.
While the races were going I felt Nervous as my race was getting closer.  Then it came to the point where my race reached its point.  On your marks get set go !!! everyone ran their fasted but their could only be one winner. When it reached to the end of all races and events the teachers were going to announce the winners.
Before they announced the winners everyone in the geckos crossed their fingers. The winners for 2013 is the mighty Geckos we all cheered and jumped up, we all had fun.


Past the last three days I had a huge experience from the Triathlon.  Once the first activities started, we raced for the tarpaulin we had to dive 4 times,the slide was so slippery I kept on falling It was soapy.  Once I got back up from my last slide I raced to the bikes.  Once I reached the bikes I was paddling through my classmate like the wind.  Once It was my time to race, I raced off like a cheetah I ran as fast as I could but it wasn't enough.   When I came back from the my race I was huffing,puffing and sweating at the same time.  During the Triathlon my favourite part was sliding on the water slide we were all soaking wet with our clothes sagging down when we were biking and running.  During The Triathlon My favourite part was the water slide I had heaps of fun.

Soul Friends

Last week we meet up with our soul friends. We all went to mass to celebrate Saint Patrick Feast Day. My soul friends name was Hendrix, His favourite sport he said was basketball. We kept on talking about the things we like and interesting things about each other. 
We gave each other a shamrock.
While I was Serving in the mass we had to go down and face our soul friends. We all had to 

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Bio Poem: Isaiah

Bio Poem:

Sibling of : Phoenix,Monique,Zheiyna
Lover of : NHL Hockey and Nrl
Who Fear : Spiders
Who needs : help when struggling
Who gives : help when needed
Who would like to see : Evgeni Malkin
Resident of : NZ 
Last name: Matthes