Friday, July 8, 2011

Family Roles.

My Papa’s name is Fonofili he is the boss of the house. He is a pretty good chef.
My Nana’s name is Pele she is the oldest lady here. She had a stroke and that time was sad, but she is good at gardening which is cool.
My Auntie’s name is Tasi she is the chef she can cook lots of food, she can make any food I can name and that not a short list.
My other Auntie’s name is Lulu Falefata she does lots of other people’s jobs at home when they are going somewhere or at our Nana’s appointment's. She is the cleaner of the house.
My brother’s name is Phoenix he goes to Sacred Heart College. He is the oldest out of the kids.
Then it comes to my sister, her name is Zheiyna, she is the third oldest in the family. She gets smart and often calls us a criminal. When she is sleeping she worries about us getting drive by-ed or getting stabbed in the heart. She also has a dream about her eating cookies, but she still my sister so I love her.
My other sister is Monique she is a good girl sometimes but sometimes she lies. She always lies to my Auntie and Papa, Nana and sometimes my Dad. Only sometimes I trust her because she lies. The time I trust her is that she always keeps her promises. That’s why I love my sister.

In my school vacation, well in New Zealand we call them school holidays, I had a lot of great days I might even go as far as saying adventures. I went to "rainbow's end" and can you believe that my first ride was the "fear fall". It was my best thrill ride of the adventure but I went to the back, wow what a long line. I walked to the back of line was so sad two ,by two ,by two ,by two, by two then it was me and my brother. We got buckled into our seats. We went super high ZOOM!!! As fast as a bullet. You could hear my brother screaming the whole way he was so scared. Is was awesome ! We went to the end of the line again even though my brother was so scared. How loud will be scream a second time? Can you hear him?. Then we went to the gold rush that was totally awesome we had lot’s of fun my brother was pretty scared on this one but not that much I could tell because he was holding onto our dad tight. Then we went to the to the bumper carts it was so fun.

We were bumping and their were water splashing and people that nearly fell out then we had to go back and when we went back we went to get us a feed we got to have fish and chips with tomato sauce.Then we got to go to another ride we went to the next ride it was the invader nearly
span out of control then we went to the log ride i don’t know the name but we went on it and it was a little bit scary because it was so dark it was dark.Then when we went down the long slid it
was totally awesome.Then we went to the roller coaster the track cool-as lop the lop the lop up
down around and around. Then we went to have a feed for the last time. Then we went home and played games.

By Isaiah

Mother day

Happy Mothers Day, mum! I hope you have a lovely and good life.

You mean everything to me and our family. You help us with everything we need and you help us with shopping for food and clothes. You make everything happy in my life. You make our family happy with smiles and cuddles. You make your friends at your work laugh just by making them a cup of tea. When you come home you make us all happy each day by giving us your lovely smile. You help me with my homework and you make my life better.

Mum, you are the saint in our family because you were the one to look after me when I was a little baby growing up to a big boy. You helped me by feeding me, dressing me, taking me to places, change my nappies. As I grow up, you treat me with respect and look after me the way you have always been (but not the Nappie part, that's just weird). You gave me breakfast in bed.

Happy Mothers Day once again, Mum! I LOVE YOU!