Friday, July 8, 2011

Mother day

Happy Mothers Day, mum! I hope you have a lovely and good life.

You mean everything to me and our family. You help us with everything we need and you help us with shopping for food and clothes. You make everything happy in my life. You make our family happy with smiles and cuddles. You make your friends at your work laugh just by making them a cup of tea. When you come home you make us all happy each day by giving us your lovely smile. You help me with my homework and you make my life better.

Mum, you are the saint in our family because you were the one to look after me when I was a little baby growing up to a big boy. You helped me by feeding me, dressing me, taking me to places, change my nappies. As I grow up, you treat me with respect and look after me the way you have always been (but not the Nappie part, that's just weird). You gave me breakfast in bed.

Happy Mothers Day once again, Mum! I LOVE YOU!

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