Friday, November 8, 2013


Hold on son we are almost their, yelled out Peytons Dad, as he ask him for the tenth time. Peyton, his older Darren and their father, went on a father and sons day out to get away from the girls. They all went for a tramp in the woods. They were all having a good time playing walking and teasing.

Everthing was fine until they reached a fork they were confused and didn’t know what path to take. Peyton started to get worried he didn’t see anyone around. The Dad then stood up and agreed on Peyton and Darren sticking together. As he left Peyton started to get shaky and cold Darren then rapped his arms around Peyton and convinced him that their father would come back.

While it got darker and darker Darren then started to get worried, he then started shaking. Every things going to be alright he said everythings going to be alright. Then Darren popped up lifted Peyton up and walking along.

He almost stumbled up the first hill but he hung on. As they kept walking Darrens eyes could hardly open but when he finally open his eyes wide he just saw a light. He quickly limpt towards the light feeling like he won a medal. Once he reached the light he didn't see his dad. So Darren asked a stranger to keep an eye on Peyton
Once it reached dusk he could hardly see the path but he just kept go. Once he reached the beginning of the fork he looked for the one that his dad went through but he could hardly see the four paths. When he saw the path his dad went on he quickly ran down it like it was his school athletics. Soon he reached the end of the path saw his father on the ground shaking.

Darren tried his hardest to pull him up to his shoulders, he tried everything but he was just not strong enough. As Peyton woke up from his little rest he thought he would have woke up with Darren and there Dad but no it was couple of strangers. He was to death he didn't know what was going on but he just went with it.

It was almost morning and they still didn't come out he started to get scared, “what's going to happen to them” he thought to himself. Once he gave up hope on them, Peyton suddenly heard a cough from the forest “yessss” he said joyfully. As they got their dad back to their house everything went back to normal.

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