Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Activity Week - Ragitoto Island

Activity Week - Ragitoto Island
It was the Third of Activity Week and I was excited. I was told that it was gonna be long. When we arrived at Britomart it was crowded with a lot business people crowding the entrance. 

While we raced across the road to the get to the Fairy I realised that I forgot my blue Reliever, I then started to walk slow and walk calm. When we took a Seat I got scared that if I walk or run to much I would have a Asthma Attack, So I walk nice and slow.

When we hopped on the Fairy it took a few minutes to take off. At first I started to get a headache, but it took few minutes to clear. When we Arrived the ground was very rocky. St Peters colleges as well. While we were walking I could feel that I was going to slow the rest of the school down. 

As we kept going it started to get stepper and stepper and I could hardly Breathe. I got told to stay and wait for the people behind as I waited I could hear a lot different birds sounds that I've never heard. 

When They reached up to me I felt fit so we ran up and until we reached the top it was a long way up but it was a faster way down it was really fun.

Activity Week - Kayaking

Tuesday 3 December 
Activity Week - Kayaking
Yes Finally it happening I said excitedly to myself, It was first time going to activity week and I was Excited, A lot of students were very happy they could hardly stop talking. As we Arrived at Orakei basin I could see the Kayak instructors unpacking the kayaks. 

My first activity was to walk around Orakei basin. By the time I got to the steps I could see half-way that students were puffing out including me. I was a long way but eventually we got to the end. Once we reached our destination everyone was puffed and could hardly move.

As we waited and waited for the Year 7 Students to come out we had a talk about next years leaders. But when they came out we all jump and celebrated like we won the lotto. When we got there we had to do some instructions for the Kayaks. 

When we hopped in the kayaks a lot of students fell out, I started laughing my head off. As the day went on I started to become a natural and everyone was jealous. When we came out It was freezing. It was so cold I started shivering like a Chihuahua. I had a lot of fun and I wish to do it again some time soon.