Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Assassin Marco

THE ASSASSIN MARCO...!!!!!!!!!!!!

Centuries ago their was a group of assassins against men who could turn into a liking when there is a full moon.Likings are like wear wolves but they are stornger,faster and louder. The Likings took one of the assassins men and the assassins are going to get him back. Liking are just like to wear wolves clothing but their stronger, faster and louder. The assassins wanted to kill them all so they charged as fast as they could to the likings and the likings charged to them to at the same speed as the assassins.

While they were both running to each other they jumped to each other and the captain of the Likings bit one of the assassins head off and the assassins captain called “Marco chopped one Liking into half in the stomach”. After all the other assassins and Likings died . Their was only the two captains left , the last two captains left and one was from the lLkings and one from the Assassins. Next they ran into each other and they bumped each other and fell backwards. After they bumped into each other they ran to each other again and the assassin sliced the Likings head off. The assassin thinks it over but its just the beggining of the war against assassin Marco and the likings.

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  1. Awesome story Isaiah.
    But there is a little bit of mistakes.
    MONA :P


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