Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Mysterious man

Once their was a new store it was a jewellery store it had neck less,rings. It was all rear Gold then there was a meal. He was not happy what he does for his living he hates his life and he always praise that he will get a good life later on and he will have a good life and have a good family with good children and have a good friend that won’t have to go and get him some bad things. He was told to get something again. He was worried he was going to get court and go to prison for twelve years. So he went and started to hide from the boss. So the boss went creeping under the table in the Closets and in the he could not find him he was stressed and he wanted to eat so he went to an alleyway no one knew what he was going to do it but then the lights went off until it came to the morning first the boss was hungry and there were people walking past each time they would be frightened they all went to go and call the cops the cop ran quickly telling them to move away but then they all went to get the ambulance and they quickly went to to the hospital and the boss did not get anything because he went prison and they went and carried on with there life.

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