Monday, June 10, 2013

Description : My Father

Description: My Father 
He  has curly black and  greyish hair. He always like to  cuts it short.  The kind of clothing that he likes to wear is formal clothes. Although there is one dark black jacket that he never gets sick of wearing. My dad is sort skinny and thin. My dad has a two Caps/Hats that he always likes to wear everywhere.

 When he hugs me I feel warm and loved his hard skin begins to be soft and I feel nothing but guarded. When we are in public he pulls out a different accent from out of nowhere and at some point I get embarrassed for a minute or two. But he still is my dad and he is a great and a loving dad in many ways.

 My Dad’s favourite sport is soccer, his favourite team is Germany and Fc Barcelona. The thing that he is good at in soccer is hacky, his highest score is 54. He is the one who has taught me how to play soccer and do hacky. My Father is also a very artistic person he likes to draw things that are hard and complicated, he also helps me with drawing and straight lines.

 People could say my dad isn't perfect but for me he is. I love my dad just the way he is, I appreciate the time he gives up to help,work and play with me. Me and my dad have a lot in common, he mostly likes olden day music and all that.. my father can be angry at times but he still is the best.

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