Friday, May 4, 2012

Basketball Experience

Dribble,Dribble,Dribble went the Basketball. On Monday 30th April Room 7 had a new experience on basketball. When we walked in the courts no one was their. So we raced back to class and did maths. When we heard that he came we were excited.

So I jumped out of my seat . I got there and there was a man called Coach Bruce . later he gave us some instructions. After that he told us to split into 4 teams. After that I got put into group with no boy just me and three girls. When that was done we all got to play a game. When the game started salamona came in my group so I never felt alone.

The Game that we played salamonas favourite game because he was good with his left hand. When we heard him talking about us leaving we all felt sad. Later when Room 7 left we all said thank you for having us today and we look forward to coming back Coach Bruce!!!”
                                                     THE END.

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