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Spanish Prensentation

This Year Room 7 have been Studying on 5 countries in Europe. Germany,Italy,Greece,United Kingdom and Spain her is some facts about Spain.
Spanish Script
Facts about our Country Spain:
  • The spanish name for Spain is Espanol.
  • The currency used in Spain is Euro.
  • In Spain they drive on the right-hand side of the road.
  • Mount Teide is the highest mountain in Spain.
  • The Pyrenees is a mountain which divides Spain and France.
  • Football is the most popular sport in Spain. But in N.Z we call it soccer.
  • Spain was also not part of the first and second world war.
  • Spanish people love to sing and dance. The most famous type of music in Spain is “Flamenco”.

  • The Patron Saint of Spain is Saint James Santiago.
- Geography
Spain is a country located in Southwestern Europe. The spanish mainland is bordered to the South and East almost entirely by the Mediterranean Sea. Spain is also the second largest country in Western Europe

- Climate
In Spain there are three main climates. One, The Mediterranean Sea Climate characterized by dry and warm summers. Second, The Semiarid Climate. The semiarid climate is located in southeastern quarter of Spain. In contrast to the mediterranean sea climate, the dry season extends beyond the summer. Lastly, The Oceanic Climate. Oceanic climate is located in the north quarter of the country.  In contrary to the mediterranean sea climate, winter and summer temperatures are influenced by the ocean.
Animals - Maxine
- The LYNX:
The Lynx has a short tail. It has black hair at the top of its ears and has large paws for walking on snow and it also has long whiskers on it face.

The lynx is usually solitary although a small group of lynx may travel and hunt together.

Although this cat hunts on the ground, it can climb trees and can swim swiftly catching fish.

- The Brown Bear:
The Brown bear in spanish is known as “Oso pardo Cantabrico”. They live in the Cantabrian Mountains of Spain.  They are an amazing native creature in Spain. They have been in Spain for many years.  The best place to spot “Brown Bears” is in the Cantabria National Park. The main diet of brown bears are berries, roots, sprouts and fungi. But they do not stop there they will hunt
Language - Zheiyna
Greet each other in Spanish and have a small convo saying
Lead Speaker Zheiyna:
Zheiyna - Hola me llamo Zheiyna. Como sellamóo?
Maxine-Hola me llamo Maxine,
Isaiah- Buenos Dias Me llamo Isaiah,
Salamona- Me llamo Salamona
Pauliasi- Me llamo Pauliasi
Sione To’a- Me llamo Sione To’a
Zheiyna - Como Esta ?
ALL: Estoy Bien, Gracias
Zheiyna - Mucho Gusto, Adiós
ALL: Adiós
Then we all translate:
Translation -
Zheiyna - Hello my name is Zheiyna. What’s yours?
Maxine - Hello my name is Maxine
Isaiah- My name is Isaiah
Salamona- My name is Salamona.
Pauliasi- My name is Pauliasi
Sione To’a- My name is Sione To’a.
Zheiyna- How are you guys?
ALL: Good, Thank you
Zheiyna- Nice to meet you, Bye
ALL: Bye
People - Zheiyna & Maxine
- People In Spain
The Appearance of a Spanish person is depending on the gender. Most female have black or brown hair colour with black or brown eye colour which is also the same as Spanish men, but only SOME of them have green eye colour.
Spanish people are naturally shorter than other nationalities.

Food - Sione To’a    
- Food In Spain
In Spain they have two traditional dishes. One of them is the “tortilla espanol”. In english it is known as an Spanish Omelette. It is made from thick egg omelette made with potatoes and fried in olive oil.

The second traditional dish is called “Paella”.Paella is a rice dish from Spain that has become very popular and is known around the world. Paella came from a little region called Valencia in eastern Spain. They prepared the dish with whatever ingredients that were there including rabbits, snails and vegetables.

Festivals/Celebration - Isaiah
- Festivals and Celebrations in Spain
In Spain there are three main Festivals they celebrate.
Also known as part of the La Tomatina Festival:
Every year around August, 30.00 people descend to the spanish town called BUNOL to throw more than 240,000 pounds of tomatoes at each other as part of the - “LA TOMATINA FESTIVAL”.

* The second one is - BULLFIGHTING:
Bullfighting is a traditional spectacle of Spain. They are killed in the bullring for the entertainment of the audience. The bull is not an aggressive anima, the reason why they are angry and want to attack or charge the matador in the bullring is mainly because he has been abused for two days.
So when he is let out of the box, he runs desperately at the light at the end of the tunnel.

Government of Spain:
Spain is a lawful kingdom whose government is defined by the organisation of Spain. This was approved by a general survey of the people of Spain in 1978. The final interpretation of the constitution, in the case of arguments, is the business of the constitutional court of Spain.

Constitutional- is relating to an established set of principles governing a state.
Monarchy- is a state that has a monarch.
Referendum- is a general vote by the electorate on a single political question that has been referred to them for a direct decision.
Interpretation- is an explanation or a way of explaining.
Dispute- is a disagreement, argument, or a debate.
Organisation- The action of organizing something.
Constitution- The composition of something.


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