Friday, November 18, 2011

Going to Dingle Dell

Monday what a good way to start a week. It was a sunny as a the sun. While we were stool at school we had a chance to get ready for our big day we went to Dingle Dell were all things that are green. It was blazing hot on that walk and we all had to take of our jumpers. While we were still walking when we were walking past some houses. It seemed that they were the richest houses in the WORLD. They were all two story houses. They all each a had a cool car with it. When we got there with room 7,6 and 5 we all sat down on the grass. We all saw that there were people walking through the path of Dingle Dell. So we all got to told to go stairs so we all went with a partner.

Mr Hooker was the leader so he showed us were to go to , turn , left of right he said ‘ right ‘ so we all followed at the back of Mr Hooker and while we were walking we saw a tree called a Willow's from England. Some ferns and allot of Korus they are the Forbidden in this country but sense only the willow’s from England. So we kept on going and we found the place we all went to sit down. From the painful rocky dirty path. We all had lunch with each other some had lots of food and some had a little we were bored so we started to play touch and king ball. BOOM some one got hit in the head.

We were so sorry we went to play king ball. I dodged It. I nearly got out then we all got crazy. Then I Won. They thought that I got out so we all went back into our line , It was time for us to get home. Oh i mean school. We were all going to feel sad. Then we got told we had to go. The toilet before going. So that we started take and go back. We took the long way the it was to long I nearly fainted so we were nearby and I just fell so we went entrance and then. I just had the longest walk of my life so we got to school and did what ever.

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