Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The poly life

The Poly Life.

Let me tell you a long story about his entire life. Him and his life just finished going up a big mountain called killermingaro in tanzaner. While he was walking his way up he could not walk because while he was walking up he could not breath properly. He told us were the Polynesian
ocean. He told us were Samoa was, Tonga, Easter island and some other places that i forgot but he told us a wonderful stories how and why he to all those countries. So he starts to get hola hoops. He did seven hola hoops he made lots of animal types. My favourite was the eagle and the snake the crowed was so entertained they were so quite only the teachers were laughing. So after that he told us a story about his dad he told the story when he went to tell us how he would always go at the back at the bushes and Mana would always think that he was fighting with the ants because he was only a little kid he while he was telling the story he would also cry he was so sad he remembered all his friends that died in the war he went to two wars he so good. Then he dressed up and did the cook island dance he was using a instrument in cook island. so he went to get changed and danced to the Samoan music he did the Samoan slap dance then he told us that his son kuba saw were people go and dance in the street he wanted to go and do so he did he went and his big brother he started to dance then he told us that kuba got ONE HUNDRED $$$$$$$ cool aye so he ask us again if we have any more question. Elizabeth went up and started to say thank you for the half of our school then we all started to shake his hand then we
all went go class and we all started to go and write about the.

The Poly life.!!!

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