Monday, July 8, 2013

Portfolio 2013

Swimming Recount
Splash Splash went the water, as I entered the water I could feel the goosebumps starting to appear on my legs and arms.  As I was rushing through the water, water drops would just slap my eye, while I was rubbing my eye my number got called out, 9!!! so I zoom across the pool like a fish.  

While I was shivering in the water I started to pop in and out of the water.  When we got back from the first five challenges I started to warm up.  As the season was going on we began to do freestyle.  Everyone was splashing, the water went everywhere even the teacher. By the time we were playing the time was up. We all had fun and everyone was laughing.

Description: Myself
I am a young boy with little build.  I have fair skin ,I have green hazelish eye colour, blueish outline of my eyes.  I have light brown hair.  I am fairly short.  I have freckles on my nose.  I am not that tall but I am thin ,slim and straight, I also have thin eyebrows.  I am confident and sometimes shy, I am calm and sometimes angry.

I am Friendly because I help people that are lonely and also I am a good cause I always look after my younger sibling younger kids in the school.  I am also amusing because I like making people laugh and make them feel better.  I am an easygoing person because I never start trouble and I always ignore people if they try pick a fight with and tease me.  I am a gentle person because I am always calm and never angry.

 I am careful for I look after my things properly and when I am told to look after something.  I am a bright person because I always think positively and serious about school and work.  

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