Thursday, April 5, 2012

Blood Brothers

The lights went down and the show started.

On Thursday 29th of March while the year eights went on retreat. The year sevens were at the Blood Brothers at selwyn college. We went with two adults. Once we got there we had to wait under the shade wait until the show started. We were waiting and waiting until a lady came and said if you would like a card that would show about the story.

Catherine started reading. Then Sione Dale blocked his ears and did not want to hear a thing because he wanted to watch it himself. Once we got told by a teacher from selwyn college to go in the theatre we raced quickly in their theatre and waited for it to start.

Once it started the lights went down. Then I saw people just lining up staring at us. Then the lights turned on and everyone on the chairs was frightened. The actors started singing and singing until they stopped and started acting.

It tells about Mrs Johnston having two twin babies then Mrs Lyons wanted a baby so bad she wanted to lie to her husband. Then Mrs Lyons started begging to buy a baby from Mrs Johnston. Mrs Johnston was thinking and thinking until she had an answer. So they started singing a song about feeding and looking after him.

Then it went to different scene. Then it showed the nurses and the doctors bringing her two twin. Then Mrs Lyons walked by and saw that the babies were already out of the hospital. Then she reminded Mrs Johnston if she could take she said NO with rage but mrs Lyons reminded her if she lied she would have to go to hell because she already swear on the bible. So she gave one baby to mrs Lyons. But Mrs Johnston did not want to look so she looked away.

After that people started forming a line across the stage again and started singing their lungs out. After that they went backstage and let the others act. When it was coming to the end they all it got very sad and emotional because the two blood brothers died. Mickey got very angry when he saw Eddie kissing Linda when Mickey and Linda was already married. So he started chasing him around the whole theatre. When we were concentrating on the stage Mickey just popped out of the corner and shouted when he saw Eddie on the stage he raced on stage to shoot him, but the police came the and shoot then both mothers came up and started crying. T3ylamona Crying his heart out (that means he felt touched).
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